A Sales-Tax Free, Prep Service Allowing You to Prepare Less

Quick Turn Around Times

Prepare Less ensures prompt packing times so your inventory is not sitting in our facility long.We intake shipments daily and return them outbound in a timely manner via UPS, FedEx, USPS, or freight services.


A Service You can Trust

We take pride in providing great communication throughout the entire prep process, including videos, pictures and texts.

How it Works

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Inbound Tracking

We must be notified of inbound packages prior to receiving. Whether it be a tracking number from UPS, FedEx, USPS, or a bill of lading from a private company, you are responsible of notifying us of the method of delivery as well as the package contents.

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Receiving and Shipment Creation

Packages will be inspected upon delivery to check for inbound damages. Our loading dock can handle full truckloads if necessary. In the event of damage, we will notify you immediately and discuss proper procedures depending on the situation. We will use software to securely generate your workflow for you in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

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Prep Work

Depending on the contents, certain items may require more than just an FNSKU label. Our shrink wrap machine allows for rapid set creations and double sealing. Detailed pricing information can be found below.

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After completion of the work, you will be issued an invoice that can be paid by your preferred method of payment. Units will not be shipped outbound until this invoice is paid.

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Small parcel delivery trucks come to our facility daily to both drop off and pick up boxes. Your inventory will be sent out as soon as possible amongst these companies. In the event of a freight pickup, this will have to be planned ahead of time.


FNSKU Labeling


Fragile, Sold as Set Stickers


Storage, FBM Fulfilment

Returns Handling

Set Creation

Rubber Banding

Product Disposal

Bubble Wrapping


Prepare Less offers different pricing tiers based on your company’s volume.

There is no requirement to keep a balance
Base Tier

1-500 Units

Per Month
  • $1.40 All-Inclusive
Premium Tier

500-1,000 Units

Per Month
  • $1.20 All-Inclusive
Enterprise Tier

1000+ Units

Per Month
  • Rates available to negotiate, depedent on volume
  • Per-Unit Pricing Advantages.

Wholesale and OA clients welcomed! Payments to be discussed on call

Storage fees are to be negotiated based on expected volume, weight and size of items. We charge by the week, or by the month. Small fees will be added per each outbound box if applicable. We will not charge you for tape.




The guys over at Prepare Less are exactly what a prep service should be. Our company used their services to handle one of our shipments and were very impressed by the speed and communication



The company sales tax allows for our business to save a ton of money, and we plan to use them a lot more in the near future.



Prepare Less prepped and shipped my inventory 24 hours after receiving and was very responsive with all of my questions. Pricing was very good.



Amazing Job! I would recommend them to anyone else looking for a prep service.



Prepare Less was very communicative throughout the whole process, making me feel comfortable that my inventory was in good hands.



They had my items prepped within a day of receiving and then shipped right back out. I'd recommend their services to anyone!